The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Looks Just Like a Notchless iPhone XS

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Looks Just Like a Notchless iPhone XS

This is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite according to the most reliable Samsung rumormonger, Ice Universe. It looks just like an iPhone XS, without the notch.

Credit: Ice UniverseCredit: Ice Universe

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the GalaxyS10+, the Lite model will not use a curved screen but a completely flat one. Like the iPhone XS, it will allegedly have sizable black curved bezels.

According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10 Lite will have a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display with 2K+ resolution and 18.5:9 aspect ratio. For comparison, the regular S10 will have curved 6.1-inch Super AMOLED display with a 19:9 aspect ratio and 2K+ resolution, while the S10+ will increase the screen size to 6.4 inches.

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It’s important to note that, while Ice Universe has a solid established record in being right, the phone here is different from the one shown by Evan Blass, another reliable Samsung leaker. That leak shows a cutout that's centered right below the top of the screen.
The Phone XS. Credit: Tom's GuideThe Phone XS. Credit: Tom's GuideThere's no word on other specs for the Galaxy S10 Lite, but we imagine it will feature the new Snapdragon 855 processor and perhaps a fingerprint reader under the display.

The phone should be unveiled in late February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Does the Galaxy S10 Lite look too iPhone-like to you? Sound off in the comments.

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