If This Is Really the Samsung Galaxy S10+ It Will Kick Ass

If This Is Really the Samsung Galaxy S10+ It Will Kick Ass

Knowing what the Samsung rumor experts say, the chances of the below image being a real Galaxy S10+ are close to zero. But, what if it were the real thing?Credit: SlashleaksCredit: SlashleaksIt looks quite good. Looking at the comments in this Twitter thread, there are plenty who would like one.

The phone shows the rumored two frontal selfies cameras located very close to the top right corner. So close that it allows for an elegant integration with Samsung’s new user interface for Android Pie — One Ui.

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The One UI’s curved interface neatly merges with the two cameras by using its black background, making good use of the resulting space to place all the status icons next to the camera sensors. It all looks quite neat.

However, according to reliable Samsung whisperer Ice Universe, this will be the real thing:
Credit: Ice UniverseCredit: Ice UniverseThe two cameras seem quite bigger than the one in the mockup above. They are also too separated from the edge to allow for this kind of clean integration with the One UI. There would be a huge black wasted space area.

But maybe, just maybe, Ice Universe is wrong and this is what Samsung is actually doing. We should find out for sure come late February at Mobile World Congress, where Samsung is expected to unveil the S10 Lite, S10 and S10+.

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