Feast Your Eyes on the Pixel 4 in a Fresh New Color

Feast Your Eyes on the Pixel 4 in a Fresh New Color

Despite Google’s unexpected step of leaking its own flagship phone months before its expected debut in October, there’s still more Pixel 4 rumors.

The latest one reportedly comes from people "close to the Pixel development team," and shows us that there could be yet another significant change to the phone’s rear, plus a fetching new color option.

Credit: IndiaShoppsCredit: IndiaShoppsThe leak was published by IndiaShopps (via TechRadar), and comes in the form of a series of renders containing three Pixel 4s. The most obvious is the new color, known as "Mint Green" according to IndiaShopps' source.

Credit: IndiaShoppsCredit: IndiaShoppsIt was previously rumored that this pale green hue would be available on the Pixel 3, based on an interactive teaser Google posted on its Japanese site. It’s possible that Google has been considering this color for a while, or even that it added the option in response to the interest that fans had in the teaser.

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Credit: IndiaShoppsCredit: IndiaShoppsAside from the body color, including the unsurprising return of black and white, these images reveals some other tidbits. We can once again see the large square camera patch in the top left corner, and that there’s still no fingerprint sensor. This points to an in-display sensor, or even a move to facial recognition as the main method of securing the phone. And, just like the Pixel 3a, the Pixel 4 renders have their buttons in contrasting colors to the main body.

As always, it's critical to take renders like these with a grain of salt. IndiaShopps' sourcing is vague, and the layout of the camera stack on the white render is suspiciously different than those on the other two models. Perhaps this mockup was incorrectly built based on the information, or perhaps the entirety of the supposed leak is falsified. Only time will tell.

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