Galaxy Note 10 Will Reportedly Ditch Earpiece for Sound on Display

Galaxy Note 10 Will Reportedly Ditch Earpiece for Sound on Display

Samsung is working on something that could change how you communicate on its Galaxy Note 10, according to a new report.

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Instead of using an earpiece to facilitate calling, Samsung is instead turning to a sound on display feature, a new leak from serial Samsung leaker Ice Universe suggests. That leak points to a screen cover apparently for the Galaxy Note 10 that has leaked online. It shows a single hole for a camera, but nothing for an earpiece. There also isn't an etching at the top of the screen that makes room for an earpiece.

If there's no earpiece, how would you use the device to place and receive calls? Well, over the last year, we've heard rumblings about Samsung considering sound on display, and the company showcased the feature at its Samsung OLED Forum in China in 2018.

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In order to get sound on display to work, the screen uses a vibration technology to carry the sound to your ear. Samsung brought the feature to its Galaxy M40 earlier this year, but according to SamMobile, it was roundly criticized by users who said that it didn't deliver the kind of volume and sound quality you'd expect in an earpiece.

The LG G8 features a similar feature called Crystal Sound OLED, which we found good for making calls but not the best for listening to music. SamMobile says that Samsung may decide to pair sound on display with a traditional speaker to deliver 2-channel sound.

Of coure, there's no telling whether the Ice Universe leak is accurate or not. And there's still a good chance that Samsung will offer an earpiece in its Galaxy Note 10 if it finds that the sound on display tech doesn't work as well as it had hoped.

The Galaxy Note 10 will reportedly launch August 7 at a New York City event. Be sure to check our Galaxy Note 10 rumors and leaks page for all the latest news.

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