Galaxy Note 10 5G Looks Gorgeous In New Renders

Galaxy Note 10 5G Looks Gorgeous In New Renders

Unofficial images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are always being updated and refined in light of new leaks and rumors. The Note 10 5G, equipped for 5G networks, is no exception, and can be seen in these sleek new renders.

Credit: LetsGoDigitalCredit: LetsGoDigitalCreated by LetsGoDigital, these show off the phablet from multiple angles. On the front, you can spot see the center punch-hold camera towards the top of the display. You'll also notice the lack of an earpiece, as Samsung is expected to use its Sound on Display technology to deliver audio when making calls.

There’s also a gap where you’d expect a Bixby button, although the power and volume keys are present on the left side. There was a brief period where it was rumored that the Note 10 would have no physical buttons, working instead on virtual ones like the HTC U12+, but it seems that this was only an early concept that Samsung abandoned in favor of good old-fashioned buttons.

Credit: LetsGoDigitalCredit: LetsGoDigitalOn the back, we can see the two-part camera array, likely containing a 16MP main sensor with a triple-stage aperture for improved photos, plus ultra-wide and telephoto lenses and a time-of-flight sensor.

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Credit: LetsGoDigitalCredit: LetsGoDigitalSince this looks like it’s the Note 10 Pro 5G, there’s a chance that the pinhole on the bottom next to the USB-C port and external speaker of the phone could be for the SIM tray, or possibly the microSD slot, which only the Pro version is supposedly getting.

A previous Note 10 5G benchmark leak showed that there will be a Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9825 version available, with slightly different performance figures as a result.

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