Forget the Galaxy Fold: See Samsung's New Dual-Screen Phone Design

Forget the Galaxy Fold: See Samsung's New Dual-Screen Phone Design

Samsung might be having some trouble with its Galaxy Fold right now, but that doesn't mean it's giving up on dual-screen devices.Credit: Lets Go Digital/Samsung/USPTOCredit: Lets Go Digital/Samsung/USPTO

Quite the contrary, the folks over at Let's Go Digital have discovered a new Samsung patent application that describes an all-new device that boasts a dual-screen design. The patent appears to show a device with a full-sized front display with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio on one side and a smaller screen on the back with an apparent aspect ratio of about 4:3.

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Screen size aside, it appears that the patent shows no front-facing selfie camera, which would ostensibly mean you'd need to flip the phone around and use the small rear window as your viewfinder for taking photos. It also means that the patent could pave the way for a true end-to-end screen design that doesn't include an unsightly notch or a punch hole where the camera would be.

What's unclear, however, is what the rear display might be used for. It's possible that this panel will act as a simple notification pane and deliver other information, like text messages or emails.

Ultimately, the patent illustrates Samsung's belief that the future is in unique smartphone designs that might include more than one display. The company is offering something similar in the Galaxy Fold, which might finally hit store shelves later this year after a lengthy delay. We've also seen other patents from Samsung that point to some use of dual displays.

Other companies have rolled out dual-screen phones with little success — anyone remember the Yota phone? —  but perhaps Samsung could pull something like this off with smarter software.

Of course, patents don't necessarily mean that the product will make its way to store shelves. Samsung, like other big companies, patents new designs and technologies all the time. We'll have to see if the company turns this into a real product.

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